So, I had just had to tell you a story of a recent experience that my wife had at our local Albertsons at the 5 Points Shopping Center.  Sometimes, it is easier to read the purpose behind the story so that while you're reading you understand what is going on.
  When I go to any store, the one thing that makes me a happy shopper as opposed to an unhappy shopper is if I feel as if there is someone there to help me.  If I am a happy shopper I usually buy something but if I am unhappy I happily leave having not spent a dime.  Customer service is EVERYTHING!  You can't run a business and not  care about your customers.  I recently had a conversation with an older gentlemen who told me about a company that went bankrupt.  The orginal owner of this company was very good about keeping his customers happy.  He honored his warranties, he provided swift, professional service, his product was short, he cared about his customers. When the orginal owner died, the company was placed in the hands of the heirs who proceeded to care only about the bottom-line and it was not long until the company went bankrupt and shut its doors.  
  Okay, back to the orginal story.  My wife is in Albertsons in the Meat department and person behind the counter politely asked if he could help.  He asked what she was planning on making (in this case Chili) and provided the right product for the recipe.        
  Here is where this person behind the meat counter went above and beyond the call of duty.  He then looked into the basket that my wife was rolling through the store, noticed an item that was in a 2 for 1 sale and pointed it out by suggesting she go grab another bag of onions because it would basically be free.  It was obvious that the management at Albertsons at 5 Points cares enough about their customer to train their employees to care.  My wife was a happy shopper that day, you can be sure she spent some money.
  In a world where big business is protested, and small business is dwindling, it is nice to know that when you walk into Albertsons there are people that actually care about you. 
Happy Shopping!