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Santa Barbara

Shop & Delivery


Our service is easy to use. Create your shopping lists by calling us or using our submission form. You will receive your groceries the same day. You can relax and use your precious time on something more useful.

Orders will be received the same day if you call between 8 am and 5 pm. Any orders received after 5pm will be delivered the following morning after 9am

Our fee structure is simple…

Grocery Bill

 Shop and Delivery Fee                           

30% of the total grocery bill                     
34% of the total grocery bill
38% of the total grocery bill               
$901 and Above  
40% of the total grocery bill

We’ll buy the groceries and when we deliver them, you’ll pay us the cost of groceries plus the Shop and Delivery Fee. Simple!

Pay with Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Your feedback is important to us and we are committed to providing for your needs. When creating your list, if you don’t remember the name or the description of the product we will make sure to help you find it. We’ll even call you when we’re shopping for you if we have any questions.

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